Project Description

Green Facade

Advanx East

Gadigal land

Key Facts

Year Completed:
Garden Type:
Green Facade
Size of Garden:
Number of Species:
Number of Plants:
As required and season dependent

Advanx East is a large, high-rise residential development in Rushcutters Bay. The project brief arose from the geographical challenge of a high water table, which required the building’s car park to be built above ground. The façade greening is aimed at improving the overall amenity of the building, with the circular artwork Footprints, designed by artist Stefanie Flaubert, representing the memory of the original tracks through this natural landscape. This unique installation showcases a synthesis between the footprints of the traditional inhabitants along a path through the living foliage, providing new insights into the location’s past.

Our Role

Junglefy provided technical design support to FDC Construction, Place Design Group and Tensile around the support frame, irrigation design, planter box design and plant design. We were then responsible for installing all plant elements of the green façade including the design and manufacture of 180 bespoke planter boxes that were particularly suited to this green façade installation.
We provided maintenance for the first 12 months ensuring the leading shoots were trained onto the trellising wire. Due to its proximity to the main road, the maintenance of this façade has proved challenging. This was also due to the absence of a twin rope access static line, which was originally proposed but was removed due to budget constraints.

Key Innovation

Design and manufacture of bespoke planter boxes customised for this particular green façade installation.