Project Description

Green Roof

Anadara and Alexander Residences, Barangaroo South


Key Facts

Garden Type:
Custom fiberglass planter boxes, concrete insitu planter boxes, turf green roof, green façades
Size of Garden:
82 custom planter boxes, 10 concrete planter boxes, 288m2 green roof, 13 green façades
Number of Species:
Number of Plants:
As required and season dependent
Landscape Architect:

Barangaroo is a landmark urban renewal project bordering on the world famous Sydney Harbour developed by construction giant Lendlease. Junglefy are involved in the Barangaroo South component of the project, specifically the Anadara and Alexander residences, which sold out in three-and-a-half hours after their August 2013 release. These highly coveted apartments were designed with their iconic Harbour setting in mind, incorporating natural colours, textures and shape to foster the residents’ connection with the environment throughout their living space.
Junglefy has contributed to this, as well as the sustainability efforts of the development, through the planting of a green roof and assorted planter boxes on the Anadara and Alexander Apartment buildings, as well as green façades on both the eastern and western sides of the residences, designed to incorporate living plants into the built environment.

Our Role

After being engaged by Lendlease and provided with an initial design brief, Junglefy was responsible for further design modifications, as well as construction, especially in relation to planter boxes and irrigation supply to the green roof, green façades, turf and mass planting zones. Additionally, Lendlease provided specifications for us to use in our design and development of the semi-circular banquet seat on the Alexander apartments, comprising of a steel frame constructed with spotted gum timber cladding. For the green façades on the eastern side of the building, we were responsible for the design and engineering of the steel supports and associated irrigation to the planter boxes.
A tower crane and a 130 tonne mobile crane were used to move the majority of around 150 cubic-metre bulka bags of media onto the top levels for planting. When the crane was unavailable, Junglefy manually transported the media and planter boxes from the basement to the roof. The custom fibreglass planter boxes were fixed onto HDPE supports in the concrete slabs for extra stability. These were then planted with climbers and hooked onto preinstalled steel mesh. The combination of our proprietary planter boxes and specialized green roof mix produced exceptional growth, and led to an extremely satisfied client.
Junglefy currently maintains the living infrastructure for this project.

Key Innovation

Totally concealing the irrigation system for the green façades in the steel frame and bespoke planter boxes.