Project Description

Breathing Wall

Australian Ethical Investment

Gadigal land

Key Facts

Year Completed:
Garden Type:
Junglefy Breathing Wall™, potted plants
Types of Species:
Peperomia, Philodendron, Chlorophytum (all plants have been researched by UTS and Junglefy)
Number of Plants:
720 Breathing Wall plants, 250 potted plants
Siren Design, FDC Construction & Fitout

Australian Ethical Investment (AEI) is recognised for its commitment to social and environmental responsibility and valuing team culture. The revitalisation of their Sydney head office was more than creating a beautiful space; the health and wellbeing of staff was the core vision.

Bringing nature inside was the key objective and was brought to life through the Junglefy Breathing Wall, green beams of draping greenery and carefully selected sustainable materials. The Breathing Wall, positioned in the heart of the office creates a casual meeting place or a quiet space to work and its central location provides staff with a view of nature throughout the space.

Our Role

Junglefy designed and constructed the Junglefy Breathing Wall in a central hub of the office, providing superior air quality and biophilic benefit to staff. To complement the Junglefy Breathing Wall, additional 250 plants were placed in overhead green beams on the workstations to maximise the connection to nature throughout the office.

Key Innovation

The installation of the Junglefy Breathing Wall, an innovative and award-winning system, was an efficient way to deliver cleaner air and wellbeing benefits to AEI’s staff. The use of the LED grow lights over the Breathing Wall and overhead desk green beams was effective in encouraging the plants to grow and thrive indoors.

Photography: Siren Design