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Project Description

Curved Planters

Barangaroo House


Key Facts

Garden Type: 125 custom planter boxes
Size of Garden: 180m
Number of Species: 4 (plus herbs and vegetables)
Types of species: Mixed herbs & vegetables and a range of cascading species such as Hibbertia scandens, Trachelospermum jasminoides, Trachelospermum asiaticum, Kennedia rubicunda
Landscape architect: ASPECT | OCULUS

Junglefy is working with Lendlease on Matt Moran’s newest restaurant and bar at the Barangaroo South precinct. Designed by Collins & Turner, ‘Barangaroo House’ is the final building of the first stage of development at Barangaroo South and is Junglefy’s fourth project at Barangaroo. The unique architectural design of the building is modelled on three plates stacked on top of each other with cascading plants and herbs around the perimeter.
Junglefy produced and installed 125 bespoke curved GRC (glass reinforced concrete) planter boxes that wrap around the building. Each planter box was meticulously laid in a precise order to preserve the unusual arcs of the balconies. The planter boxes will provide the opportunity for the restaurant to grow its own organic produce to be harvested on site and used in the restaurant.

Our Role

Junglefy provided initial technical recommendations for the planters, irrigation and growing media as well as plant species. We also produced and installed the bespoke planter boxes.

Key Innovation

Junglefy designed and manufactured bespoke planter boxes to be cantilevered off the façade of the building in a circular pattern around the building.