Project Description

Junglefy Breathing Wall
at Denfair

Junglefy Breathing Wall at Denfair


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Junglefy Breathing Wall, freestanding
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Junglefy and designer Adam Cornish, collaborated on this unique concept for Denfair, Australia’s leading contemporary design show. Raising awareness of air pollution in our cities, the installation called ‘Clean Air’ demonstrates the power of plants to improve air quality.

The life-sized installation represents a modern workplace and features our latest innovation, the Junglefy Breathing Totem. The Totem uses the award-winning Junglefy Breathing Wall system which has been scientifically proven to reduce carbon dioxide, VOCs and particulate matter.

The Junglefy Breathing Wall, freestanding and simulated office are contained within a perspex box and the space fills with smoke representing polluted air around the plants. The Totem’s active ventilation draws in the smoky air through the module demonstrating how effective it is in pulling microscopic harmful pollutants into the plant root system, allowing them to do what they do naturally, faster.

The Junglefy Breathing Wall, containing 72 plants, can produce 140 cubic metres of clean air per hour and remove 62 litres of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to 5 hours of respiration from one person.

The Junglefy Breathing Wall has been specifically designed as a portable breathing wall and is more effective than the equivalent number of pot plants in removing harmful pollutants. As free-standing unit, it offers flexibility and mobility through castors on the base.

The modern design of the Breathing Wall allows it to blend seamlessly into any space and comes with its own irrigation, lighting and ventilation systems to ensure the plants continue to thrive inside our built environment. The module itself has been designed using the principles of the circular economy, ensuring it can be used over and over again.

Our role

Adam Cornish designed the Junglefy Breathing Wall module and has been collaborating with Junglefy since 2012. Recognised as one of Australia’s leading industrial designers, Adam regularly exhibits and launches new designs for Denfair. In 2019 he was invited to create a new installation which we were honoured to collaborate on.

The Denfair ‘Clean Air’ installation was our opportunity to showcase our work with Adam and our latest innovation, the Junglefy Breathing Wall, freestanding.

The Junglefy Breathing Wall, freestanding is the next evolution of our Breathing Wall system taking the plants off the wall and moving them to wherever they need to be to produce cleaner air, sound absorption and biophilic response to nature which has been proven to create happier, healthier people.

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