Project Description

A Living
Bus Shelter

Macquarie Park bus shelter

Darug land

Key Facts

Year Completed: 2018
Garden Type: Green Wall
Size of Garden: 1.5m2
Number of Plants: 96
Number of Species: 2
Types of Species: Westringa, Viola hederacea

This innovative project by Ryde City Council is a self-sustaining green wall bus shelter, combining clever technology and visionary leadership. The bus shelter, designed by Stoddart, harvests rainwater from the roof which is then directed to a storage tank underneath the green wall and reticulated back for irrigation. Solar panels on top of the bus shelter create the energy to operate the pump and internal sensors. The sensors feed data back to the Junglefy maintenance team to alert when water levels are low.

Our Role

Junglefy were engaged by Stoddart to design a green wall integrated into the bus shelter. Once Stoddart had constructed the steel subframe, Junglefy installed the irrigation components, battery node, filter, dripline and the planted green wall modules. Watermatic specified the irrigation components that were compatible with solar power. Junglefy will manage the ongoing maintenance of this green wall.

Key Innovation

Junglefy had not created a living bus shelter so this application was an innovative use of the Junglefy green wall modules. Combined with the other sustainable attributes, this small bus shelter makes an impressive impact on improving the air quality of our cities and benefiting biodiversity.