Project Description

World’s First
Outdoor Breathing Wall

Mitchell Street Plaza

Cammeraygal / Wallumedegal land

Key Facts

Year Completed:
Garden Type:
Junglefy Breathing WallTM
Size of Garden:
161m2 across 3 x double-sided Breathing Walls
Size of Garden:
Number of Plants:
Number of Species:
Types of Species:
Dianella caerulia ‘Little Jess’, Lomandra tanika, Nandina domestica ‘gulfstream’, Diplendenia sanceri ‘Red Riding Hood’, Nephrolepis spp., Blechnum Gibbum Silver Lady, Chlorophytum Green and variegated, Philodendron Xanadu, Imperial Green and scandens, Schefflera aboricola, Euonymous microphylla ‘Tom Thumb’, Coleonema pulchrum ‘Compacta’, Nerium oleander, Callistemon ‘little john’, Correa ‘Pink Mist’, Escallonia ‘Pink Pixie’, Strobilanthes anisophyllus, Plumbago auriculata, Murraya paniculata, Viola hederacea, Epipremnum aureum, Humata tyermanii, Neomerica gracilis, Begonia coccinea scarlet flower, Nematanthus varigated and glabra.
Environmental Partnership NSW; TTW; LLAS; Trigger Design; WT Partnership
Short listed for 2019 Australian Urban Design Award Built Projects: Local and Neighbourhood Scale

Undertaken by North Sydney Council, this outdoor plaza is a busy thoroughfare for local workers and residents, connecting the back streets of St. Leonards to the Pacific Highway. The living infrastructure, designed by Environmental Partnership NSW, includes a world-first application of an outdoor Junglefy Breathing Wall™. The Breathing Wall filters polluted air from vehicle exhaust and other pollutants and provides clean air for the surrounding area.
The Breathing Wall at Mitchell Street Plaza will be the subject of ongoing air quality testing from the Plants and Environmental Quality Research Group at UTS. The data collected will serve as a real example of how living infrastructure can be incorporated in cities to address air pollution, as well as provide several other benefits.

Our Role

Junglefy engaged with Regal Innovations and North Sydney Council on the initial design and provided recommendations to adapt the green walls to the Breathing Wall technology. Junglefy delivered the construction of the tiered Breathing Walls and will carry out regular ongoing maintenance seasonally and as required.

Key Innovation

Mitchell Street Plaza is the first application of the Junglefy Breathing Wall technology in an outdoor setting. The project will be the subject of an ongoing study with the Plants and Environmental Quality Research Group from UTS. The research team will carry out on-site testing of the air quality around the Breathing Wall to determine how this technology performs in an outdoor environment.

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