Project Description

Turf Roof

Orange Regional Museum

Wiradjuri land

Key Facts

Year Completed:
Garden Type:
Turf Green Roof
Size of Garden:
Number of Species:
Locally-sourced blend of Tall Fescue and Kentucky Blue Grass
Carried out by local supplier

The Orange Regional Museum is one of the most iconic buildings in Orange and perhaps the whole region. Instigated by the Orange City Council the building features a large sloping grass roof, creating additional green space that is open to the public and will be used for festivals, displaying sculptures, or movie nights.

Our Role

Junglefy were provided with an initial design concept, stating the desire for soil and turf on a sloping roof, which we then assessed and modified in order to develop the best possible outcome for the site. The landscape architect initially specified a certain green roof system, however after further consultation and analysis of the site, we found Geoweb to be a more appropriate customised solution for this roof. On the flat section of the roof, the Geoweb framework is approximately 80mm high, and gradually increases to 200mm high on the sloping section.
Junglefy was responsible for installing the Geoweb system and specially formulated media for the green roof, both of which will support the turf and mitigate the effects of media erosion. A crane was used to transport all materials to the roof, before being carefully installed by Junglefy. The media used on the roof was a new blowable turf underlay created by Ecoscapes specifically for this project.

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