Project Description


Roads and Maritime Services

Cammeraygal land

Key Facts

Year Completed:
Garden Type:
2 x Green Walls
Size of Garden:
Indoor/18m2, Outdoor/12.5m2
Number of Species:
Types of Species:
Chlorophytum Green, Orange Green and Variegated; Humata tyermanii; Nematanthus glabra; Nephrolepis Duffi; Pepperomia clusifolia; Philodendron Hope and Gibasis.
Number of Plants:
Indoor/864, Outdoor/600

Gracing the foyer of the Roads and Maritime Services head office is a vast green wall, stretching up over six metres towards the double-height ceiling. The green wall provides a welcoming display for visitors and staff.

At the back of the building tucked underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge is another green wall transforming an unused space into a bike storage area for workers in this building. This clever use of space encourages riding to work and provides another opportunity for staff to connect with nature in a very built-up area.

Our Role

Design and construction of both green walls.