Project Description


Sydney Superyacht Marina Carpark

Wangal land

Key Facts

Year Completed:
Garden Type:
92 Facade Planters
Types of Species:
Trachelospermum jasminoides & Pandorea pandorana
As required

The Super Yachts Marina is located in a heavily concreted environment lacking in green space and natural elements. The brief for this project was to transform a traditionally uninteresting car park with a green curtain of plants, providing both aesthetic beauty and functionality with the plants providing increased shade, cooling and an element of air filtration.

The car park, built behind the main marina in Rozelle, uses 92 custom planter boxes cantilevered off concrete slabs on the east and northern facades. The plants, pre-grown in Junglefy’s nursery, grow through Tensile Webnet mesh laced between the planters and car park façade, creating creating a green outlook for this industrial area.

Our Role

Junglefy designed and installed the planter box system with an innovative stainless-steel bracket to fit within the walls of the planter box, delivering a cost effective, robust and efficient design.