Project Description

Breathing Wall

Transurban – Eastern Distributor Motorway

Gadigal land

Key Facts

Year Completed:
Garden Type:
Junglefy Breathing WallTM
Size of Garden:
10m2 (2 x 5mx2m walls)
Number of Plants:
Number of Species:
Types of Species:
Westringia fruticosa, europs, strobilanthes goldifussia, nandina domestica, dichondra

As a world-first research trial and innovative solution to urban air pollution, Junglefy Breathing Walls have been installed on the Eastern Distributor Motorway.

The research project is a partnership between Junglefy, Transurban and UTS has received government backing through the Building Partnerships grant by Jobs for NSW.

The Junglefy Breathing Walls on the Eastern Distibutor have been installed with air quality sensors that monitor and record pollution levels in real time. Data will be recorded over six months by UTS researchers with the results to be peer reviewed and published. The research findings can then be used to develop a business case to inform the industry and encourage the uptake of similar projects, leading to improvements in urban air quality. The outcome of this research is also likely to prove how living infrastructure can be an effective solution to air pollution, particularly on transport thoroughfares where pollution is high.

Our role

Design and construction of the Breathing Wall and installation of the lighting. Junglefy also manages the ongoing maintenance of the wall.

Key Innovation

The use of the Junglefy Breathing Wall on a motorway is a world-first application in this context. While Junglefy Breathing Walls are regularly used to address indoor and outdoor air quality, its use on a motorway as a solution to traffic pollution is highly innovative.
As the Breathing Walls are on a major transport thoroughfare, this project also utilises our innovative rotating Breathing Wall panels. The panels rotate 180 degrees to facilitate easy and safe plant maintenance from the back.

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