Project Description

Green Wall

UTS Building 10

Gadigal land

Key Facts

Year Completed:
Garden Type:
External Green Wall
Size of Garden:
Number of Species:
Number of Plants:
As required and season dependent

Building 10 at the University of Technology (UTS) underwent significant renovations as part of the university’s buildings upgrade program. Junglefy’s green wall is located at the entrance to the breezeway between the newly built FEIT building and Building 10 and provides a beautiful outlook for what otherwise would have been an ugly standard wall.

Our Role

Junglefy worked with Architectus and TRACT in designing this green wall, specifically the planting choices, drainage and irrigation design. The steel supporting frame was installed by ISIS, onto which we installed our modular green wall system. A green roof completes the top of the green wall by giving the appearance of the plants wrapping over the top. Intermediary drainage trays were installed to capture water at regular intervals to reduce the risk of overwatering at the base of the wall.
Junglefy currently maintains this green wall, which is thriving in its urban environment.

Key Innovation

Intermediary drainage catchment trays – installing the trays across the wall enabled a much more controlled and measured delivery of water to all sections of the wall. This meant that the bottom of the wall was not wetter than the top section and lead to an extremely water efficient system which uses less than 5L of water per m2 per week.