+ Nature

Accelerating the biological power of plants
Since our inception we have invested heavily in plant technology and research.
We believe plants are the solution to many issues we currently face in
our cities, in particular poor air quality.

We regularly partner with academic institutions to provide scientific proof that plants can:

  • Improve Air Quality

  • Beautify Buildings and The Cityscape

  • Support Local Biodiversity

  • Insulate Buildings from Heat and Noise

  • Create New Open Space for Recreation and Food Growing

  • Extend Roof Life by Protecting the Waterproofing Layer from Weather and Temperature Changes

  • Improve Solar Panel Efficiency

  • Cool City Temperatures and Reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect

  • Slow down and Clean Storm Water Runoff from Buildings

Investing in the future
We have directly funded or actively participated in the following research projects:

Lendlease Head Office

Our continued research with UTS is helping us to understand how the Breathing Wall can perform better and how the system functions over long periods of time. We also hope to determine how our system can integrate with HVAC systems to maximise performance. Read More>

Ongoing research at the Melbourne University, Burnley Campus and ANZ Adelaide green roofs serve as testing grounds and living proof of the value green roofs add to the built environment. We are also conducting our own green roof trials at our Nursery to test green roof irrigation methods and we use this information to direct our future green roof projects.

We have research underway with Curtin University to accurately measure the carbon sequestration of green walls.

Research conducted by Macquarie University at ‘One Central Park’ has found increased numbers of insect species, proving that living infrastructure encourages biodiversity particularly in built up areas where diverse insect and animal numbers may be low.

We are engaging in a research group with UTS and other industry stakeholders to provide guidance on influencing policies for green cities and encourage market growth.

As part of our ongoing improvement, we conduct self-assessment to uncover information that will lead us to design, installation and maintenance enhancements. We also continue to refine the manufacture and construction of our walls and modules and how they integrate with lighting and monitoring.

Why we love plants

There is an international body of evidence that suggests plants provide beneficial effects that are positively linked to human health, psychological wellbeing and workplace productivity. Decades of research have proven that plants can enhance air quality and reduce all types of urban air pollutants. We can deliver this positive impact via the introduction of living infrastructure into our building, communities and transport corridors.